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MediCapture is an Industry Leader in Medical Imaging Systems

Since 2002, MediCapture has been supplying the medical industry with technically advanced medical imaging systems that are easy-to-use and affordable. MediCapture’s imaging systems have effectively captured numerous laparoscopic surgeries, endoscopies, gastroenterology procedures, retinal surgeries and more over the years.

Now, powered by the exclusive iMave Pro Platform, MediCapture’s next-generation imaging systems offer an integrated suite of options like lifelike 4K Ultra HD resolution, touch screen capability and networking cloud capabilities, while staying true to ease-of-use operability.

Realizing that requirements differ, MediCapture offers a suite of medical imaging systems that meet the needs of small medical office environments or state-of-the-art operating rooms.

Seamless Integration With Hospital Information System

Hospital Information System


MTS101 is EU-MDR Compliant

MTS101 is now Certified and available across the EU


MVR TouchPro

Learn more about our premium recorder – MVR TouchPro


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Global Reach

MediCapture has a worldwide presence through local subsidiaries and a network of partners and distributors.

Advanced Technology

The exclusive iMave Pro Platform powers video recorders with next-generation features like 4K and networking cloud capabilities.

Excellent Service

We may be global, but we serve you like we’re local. Our knowledge-based leaders are at your service. When you need help, you get the experts.


With our iMave Pro Platform smart-operating engine, we can easily customize a medical device according to your specs with little to no R&D time.

High Reliability

Our medical imaging systems are equipped with functionality that ensures important events are not missed for an extra level of security.

Network Integration

Allows for easy and seamless workflow with automatic retrieval and storage of patient information from your facility’s network.

Medical Specialties Using MediCapture’s Imaging Systems Today

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