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Bernd Jotzat

Director, Products

Bernd Jotzat - Director, Products

Bernd graduated from the Carl Bosch School in Heidelberg with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. He completed his community service as an ambulance paramedic and then worked for 15 years as product manager for endoscopic imaging at Richard Wolf GmbH in Germany. Responsible for the entire line of Wolf’s imaging products, Bernd successfully launched several generations of different lines of cameras, sensor scopes, illumination systems as well as documentation systems, spanning 20 years of advancements in video and network technology. A long-time friend of Mike, Bernd found himself conscripted into MediCapture in 2015.

Bernd still lives in Heidelberg and operates for MediCapture from there. He is an enthusiast of the Lotus car brand, an amateur car racer, and keeps fit with mountain biking, scuba diving, sailing and snowboarding.