DICOM Made Easy

Turn your image source into a fully compatible DICOM modality. Setup is easy as servers can be searched automatically. Connection to your network via LAN or Wi-Fi.

Native DICOM

  • Real time dicomization during recording
  • Studies buffered in .dcm format for editing and reporting
  • Super fast export to PACS (manually or automatically)
  • As a result, the next study can be started while the export is still in process.

Choose Your Options

  • Images and videos to PACS, or images only
  • Parallel storage of studies (images and videos) in realtime to a separate Network server
  • Manual patient information entry, barcode scanners or other lists can be used
  • Cut videos, take snapshots from videos and edit images before exporting to servers
  • As an Admistrator: Setup MVRs externally via Admin Remote Access