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Frank Magnier

General Manager, EMEA; VP Sales & Marketing

Frank Magnier - General Manager, EMEA; VP Sales & Marketing

Frank began his career at Sagem Semiconductor after earning a degree in marketing and sales at EDHEC Business School in Lille. Frank later joined Wavecom (Sierra Wireless), the company that marketed and sold the first GSM wireless phone circuit boards and joined the group that deployed the first M2M wireless modems and circuit boards – launching the global M2M industry. In 2007, Frank cofounded Sevenimagine, a B2B marketing company headquartered in Paris. Seven Imagine soon played a key role in expanding MediCapture’s EU markets. That collaboration, along with Mike and Frank’s friendship led Frank to join MediCapture in 2009 where his first order of business was to establish MediCapture’s European division which he continues to lead today.

Frank is an avid outdoorsman, surfer, and still photographer. Frank and his wife recently moved their family home from Paris, where they raised five children, to Barcelona. They now enjoy spending weekends with friends and family at a ranch outside the city.