MediCapture Announces iMave™ Platform, HD/SD Recording Engine for Medical Camera Systems

Embedded recording and archiving solution speeds time-to-market, reduces BOM costs

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY (November 18, 2009) – MediCapture Inc. today announced iMave™, an HD and SD video recording platform for medical OEMs. iMave is a complete embedded solution based on core technologies from MediCapture’s popular line of medical video recorders. The new platform features a modular design that allows OEMs to select from a wide variety of options including HD recording (720p, 1080p/i), SD recording (NTSC/PAL), still image capture, etc. iMave saves video in H.264 format to a hard drive or USB flash drive. It can also save to DVD or Blu-Ray® discs. The platform supports a broad range of inputs including DVI, HD SDI, S-Video, component, and composite. Flash®-based templates allow rapid development of friendly, touch-screen menus. Additional features for medical environments include entry of patient information, DICOM support, and a network connection to facilitate PACs integration. iMave’s compact form factor and low power consumption allow easy integration into a wide variety of devices such as camera controllers and monitors.

“With the iMave platform, we’ve taken video recording integration to the next level,” commented Michael Bishop, MediCapture’s president and CEO. “We understand that when it comes to video recording solutions, medical OEMs want more than just a basic video capture card – so we designed iMave as a comprehensive, ‘all-in-one’ recording and archiving platform. iMave includes just about every feature a medical OEM could want, but it’s packaged in a way that greatly simplifies and accelerates the development process.”

“Two market forces were behind the creation of the iMave platform,” continued Mr. Bishop. “First, we wanted to help OEMs ‘futureproof’ their products. For years, OEMs have been diverting R&D dollars from their core technologies to develop in-house recording solutions – only to see those solutions become obsolete soon after release. The problem is that the products recorded to physical media so they became obsolete as soon as new media types entered the marketplace. Consider the generations of media we’ve churned through in the past decade: various tape formats, disc cartridges, VCDs, DVDs, and now Blu-ray. As an alternative to using ‘dead-end’ physical media, we’re offering OEMs a way to build more flexible solutions that are not locked into a particular physical media type. Although iMave supports recording to physical media (DVD and Blu-ray discs), its primary focus is recording to where users really want to store their video files: on drives ̶ networked drives that can be accessed from any computer in the ‘cloud,’ or removable drives that can be plugged into any computer. Products based on this open, adaptive design are prepared to keep pace with evolving recording standards and technologies.”

“The second market trend we’re tapping into with iMave is the move toward embedded recording solutions,” Mr. Bishop added. “In consumer electronics, we’ve seen video recording capabilities integrated into a host of devices: TVs, PDAs, smart phones, and so on. The medical industry will soon follow suit. There will always be a market for stand-alone medical recorders, but at the same time we’re going to see more and more integrated designs: recorders in endoscope camera controllers, in medical monitors, and with time, in just about any type of video equipment or video accessory found in the OR. This is where iMave really shines. Unlike bulky and expensive computer-based recorders (basically repackaged desktop computers with a video capture card), iMave’s dedicated ‘from the ground up’ design has the small footprint, performance, robustness and affordable BOM that make it ideally suited to these embedded applications.”

The iMave HD development package includes the iMave module, test board, SDK, documentation, and support options. iMave is previewing in MediCapture’s booth (16/E04) at the Medica 2009 tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany, and will be available to OEMs in Q2, 2010.

About MediCapture Inc.

MediCapture Inc. is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of medical video recording solutions. MediCapture’s easy-to-use recorders save high definition video and images directly to a USB flash drive or hard drive. The recorders work with virtually any medical video device including endoscopes, arthroscopes, surgical microscopes, ultrasounds, C-arms, and more. MediCapture also offers medical video recording solutions to OEMs and integrators.