MediCapture® Offers Easy-To-Install Upgrades For The MVR Series’ Medical Video Recorders.

The Next-Generation MVR Recorders are Built to Evolve With Changing Needs of Medical Facilities.

Plymouth Meeting, PA, March 4, 2020 – MediCapture®, a global leader in medical imaging systems, announced today that unique upgrade packages are now available with all medical video recorders in its MVR Series, including the MVR Pro, MVR and MVR Lite.

Built to evolve over time, the package upgrades can be quickly and easily added to medical facilities’ MVR recorders when needed by using a simple, numeric activation key.

MediCapture’s upgrade packages include:

  • The 4K Ultra HD Upgrade Package – Instantly converts an MVR HD video recorder into a 4K recorder that provides four times the picture resolution for stunning, life-like videos. 4K resolution is perfect for delicate surgeries that require greater sense of depth and color distinctions.
  • The Network Connect Upgrade Package – Gives the MVR Lite full network connectivity, including network storage, universal printing, and remote access for IT personnel.
  • The DICOM Made Easy Upgrade Package – Converts the MVR and the MVR Pro recorders to a fully-compliant DICOM modality, providing patient workflow and other time-saving DICOM benefits.

MediCapture’s unique iMave Pro Platform makes these easy upgrades possible, as each recorder in the series comes with an embedded, non-computer-based operating system that provides the flexibility for offering Smart Workflow upgrade functionality.

“With the Smart Workflow functionality and the upgrade packages, MediCapture fulfills the need for every medical use,” said Mike Bishop, CEO. “Outpatient facilities can start with our budget-friendly MVR Lite recorder and upgrade it when needed, and hospitals with integrated operating rooms, can benefit today from the MVR Pro’s fully-featured archiving systems and DICOM capabilities.”

To learn more about MediCapture’s MVR Series and the upgrade packages, visit or call 1-888-922-7887 in the US, or 1-503-445-6935 outside the US.

About MediCapture

MediCapture, Inc. is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of medical video recording solutions. MediCapture’s easy-to-use recorders save high definition video and images directly to a USB flash drive, local hard drive, or network drive. The recorders work with virtually any medical video device including endoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes, ultrasounds, C-arms, and more. MediCapture also offers medical video recording solutions to OEMs and integrators. For additional information, visit