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Michael Bishop

President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Bishop - President & Chief Executive Officer

Mike began his career in the early days of wireless semiconductors, witnessing the 3G innovations that allowed high speed data and video transfer over carrier networks. He launched MediCapture in 2002, recognizing that the medical industry was on the verge of joining the digital revolution. The company soon made history by delivering the world’s first solid-state device for capturing medical images – and followed up with the world’s first embedded platform to record, review, transfer and archive medical video.

Before founding MediCapture, Mike worked for ATI-CellularOne, Telogy Networks (aq. by Motorola Semiconductor), Dot Wireless (aq. by Texas Instruments), and Airdesk (aq. by Numerex). Mike is a U.S. Army veteran who served as a microwave/SATCOM repair technician during Desert Storm.

Mike and his wife live on an alpaca ranch in central Texas. Their daughter is in dental school and their son is an ROTC/Mechanical Engineering student at Villanova University. Mike spends the warmer months tormenting his colleagues at MediCapture’s HQ in Philadelphia.