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MVR Lite

Cutting Edge Functionality, Ideal for Outpatient Surgery

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  • Compact and Powerful: This rugged device is compact yet incredibly powerful, capable of recording in full HD at 60 fps​
  • Dual Input: Unique dual input allows for seamless operation with two cameras, enhancing versatility​
  • Patient Data and Custom Reports: Easily input patient data and generate custom reports for efficient record-keeping
  • 4K Recording: Via activation​
MVR Lite Displaying Optional Upgrades

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Software & Applications

MediCapture Smart Workflow Icon

Smart Workflow

For capturing, managing, reporting and archiving data securely. A powerful and intuitive user interface to ease daily OR routines, including Device Manager and Device Security.

Device Manager – To record, edit, browse and review patient files, annotate, report, print, share on the network and archive studies.

Device Security – For user management, secure patient data, full protection against viruses, automatic video repair, and audit trail.

MediCapture 4K Upgrade Icon

4K Recording

Enhance your medical video recording experience with a 4K upgrade that our support team can activate. Our HEVC Codec is highly efficient and reduces storage space without impacting video quality.

MediCapture Network Upgrade Icon

Network Upgrade

Provides network storage, tablet control through the MVR Remote App, universal printing and Administration access.

MediCapture Sharing & Streaming Icon


For Remote Consulting and Education, medical professionals and surgeons can utilize Web-Streaming to enhance collaboration and communication among their team members, boost efficiency, and improve patient care.

  • Built-in streaming in all MVR systems*
  • Video and Audio
  • Authorized Network-based streaming
  • Accessible via any Web Browser (Desktop or Mobile)

* Up to 8 Users

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