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Our Premium Video Recorder

With full-patient workflow capability including a DICOM option, multi-storage preferences, parallel recording, and an easy built-in touchscreen monitor, you’ll be astonished at its capabilities and how easy it is to manage recorded data.

MediCapture MVR Pro HD with Touch Screen
MediCapture MVR Pro Smart Workflow

Smart Workflow

With the intuitive user interface, easily access all features including:

MVR Manager – Browse and review all patient files, annotate, zoom, report and print.

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MVR Secure – Full protection against viruses. Automatic video repair.

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MediCapture MVR Remote App

MVR Remote App: Control With Your Own Device

The MVR Pro comes with a handy, built-in touchscreen, but there are numerous ways to control your MVR recorder: Introducing the New MVR Remote App for easy control with your tablet or smartphone.

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MediCapture MVR Secure

High-Protection Data Assurance

With MVR Secure, your files and patient data are protected, thanks to various premium features like Automatic Video Repair (AVR) or USB Port Disablement (settings). The MVR “Read Only” OS offers a full barrier against viruses…

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Upgradable for Evolving Needs

As with all MVR recorders, the MVR Pro is built to “evolve.” You can add 4K Ultra HD or the DICOM Upgrade Packages just when you need it!

MediCapture MVR Pro HD with Touch Screen

Compare the MVR Pro with other MVR medical video recorders

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MediCapture MVR Lite

MVR Lite

MediCapture MVR


MediCapture MVR Pro