MediCapture Inc. is founded by a team of video and semiconductor industry leaders. The Company's mission is to fill the needs of surgeons and medical OEMs for easy, powerful image capture solutions.


Introduction of the MediCap USB100, the medical industry's first USB-based image capture system. By offering easy, solid-state recording to USB memory, MediCapture revolutionizes the medical imaging market and establishes a de facto industry standard.


MediCapture delivers the medical industry's first USB-based board-level digital video recorder to OEM partners.


The MediCap USB150 is introduced with enhanced features and performance.


Introduction of the MediCap USB200, the medical industry's first dedicated USB-based digital video recorder with full motion and still image capture.

The MediCap USB170 is introduced for medical applications that require still image capture only.


MediCapture receives the Philadephia 100 Award and is ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the region.

MediCapture Asia is founded following the acquisition of Pentagon Technologies. The new subsidiary's charter is to support OEM development in Asia and expand MediCapture design and manufacturing facilities.


Introduction of the MediCap USB300, the medical industry's first dedicated USB-based, high-definition video recorder with full motion and still image capture.


Introduction of the iMaveTM platform, enabling MediCapture's trusted video recording technology to be easily integrated into OEM camera systems.


Introduction of the MVR Series of medical video recorders and new iMave ProTM Platform recording platform.

Global Presence

Corporate Headquarters

MediCapture Inc.
2250 Hickory Road, Suite 200
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Tel. 888 922 7887 (within the US)
Tel. +1 503 445 6935 (outside of the US)
Fax +1 610 238 0705

European Headquarters

MediCapture Europe B.V.
Kraanpoort 10
6041 EG Roermond
Tel. +31 475 214305
Fax +31 475 319555

Asia Pacific Headquarters

MediCapture APAC
3FL-6, No. 432, Section 1
Keelung Road
Xinyi District 110
Taipei City
Taiwan, Republic of China
Tel: +886 2 2345 3668