MediCapture® Launches Next-Generation Medical 4K Recording Solution, Expanding its Offering for Modern Digital OR Products and Workflows

Plymouth Meeting, April 9, 2024 – MediCapture Inc., a leader in innovative medical imaging solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new cutting-edge 4Kp60 surgical recording and archiving solution, the MVR 4K.

MediCapture MVR 4K

MediCapture’s MVR 4K is a groundbreaking system that empowers the very essence of medical imaging with ease and versatility and is set to revolutionize how medical professionals capture and use 4Kp60 video in different clinical specialties.

The MVR 4K solution is compact, silent, and remarkably powerful with its 4Kp60 recording function, dual 4K input, and unique USB camera support. More importantly, the MVR 4K comes with our slim medical-grade 15.6″ Touchscreen Control Monitor (MTS156), enabling modern control and unlimited flexibility in the operating room (OR).

This combination of ergonomics has never been so well tailored to suit the different needs of the OR or Consultation Room. The MVR 4K’s modular design and small size make it ideal for limited spaces. It offers unlimited flexibility for surgical teams, who can control the recording and archiving solution from anywhere within the modern digital OR.

The next-generation MVR 4K includes MediCapture’s MVR range of exclusive features, which have been specifically enhanced to meet higher standards:

Multi-Input with Simultaneous 4K Recording: MVR 4K can seamlessly capture video from USB cameras and HDMI sources. This unique dual functionality provides great flexibility when recording 4Kp60 surgical video while capturing the OR environment, such as endoscopy, laparoscopy, and more.

Smart Workflow Includes Data Management & Device Security: With a simple USB Type-C cable, MVR 4K connects to MediCapture’s medical-grade 15.6″ Touch Screen Control Monitor (MTS156) and unleashes the full power of Smart Workflow. Medical professionals can comfortably capture, review, edit, print, or report their surgical footage and be sure that their clinical data is secure from hackers, viruses, or power outages during surgery, thanks to MediCapture’s automatic video repair feature.

Multiple Storage Options: MVR 4K is fully networkable and features 1 TB of internal storage (upgradeable to 2TB or 4TB), providing ample space for complex medical procedures and lengthy surgeries in 4Kp60.

Full Patient Workflow Including DICOM Option: MVR 4K is scaled to meet the needs of modern hospitals with features like auto-export, patient worklist access and flexible recording in 4Kp60 or lower resolutions to PACS or Network.

“The MVR 4K solution is a significant advancement for clinics and hospitals that require state-of-the-art surgical video recording and archiving systems that are user-friendly and easy to install,” said Frank Magnier, VP of Marketing & Sales. “The MVR 4K provides modern control and unlimited flexibility for surgical professionals, who can position our 15.6-inch touchscreen control monitor (MTS156) at a location of their choice and navigate it easily at the swipe of a finger.”

Michael Bishop, the CEO of MediCapture Inc., stated, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our next-generation MVR 4K solution, which is part of our innovative product range for the Digital OR market. This recorder is designed to be a reliable partner in delivering exceptional patient care, and it reflects MediCapture’s dedication to Medical Imaging Made EasyTM. We have several other releases planned for 2024, and we’re excited to continue expanding our offerings.”

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