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The Next Generation 4Kp60 Recorder & Archiving Solution – MVR 4K

Experience the unlimited flexibility and modern control in the OR with the all-powerful and compact MVR 4K solution

The MVR 4K is a revolutionary 4Kp60 medical video recorder designed to transform the way you capture, manage, and share surgical procedures. The modular concept and small size are ideal for limited spaces. It also eliminates operational boundaries, as you can control the MVR 4K solution in any optimal location within the OR.

Combined with our high-resolution 15.6-inch medical-grade touchscreen monitor, the MVR 4K empowers you with the intuitive MediCapture Smart Workflow. Edit, annotate, generate reports, print, and share video footage directly from the recorder – all with the touch of a finger. No extensive training is required; the user interface is designed for ease and efficiency, mimicking the familiarity of a smartphone.

MVR 4K with MTS156 on Support Arm

Download MVR 4K Datasheet

Software & Applications

Multi-Input 4K Recording Icon

Multi-Input 4K Recording

Benefit from parallel or Picture-in-Picture recording in the OR with a 4K USB camera and 4K surgical camera during patient surgeries.

MediCapture Smart Workflow Icon

Smart Workflow

For capturing, managing, reporting and archiving data securely. A powerful and intuitive user interface to ease daily OR routines, including Device Manager and Device Security.

Device Manager – To record, edit, browse and review patient files, annotate, report, print, share on the network and archive studies.

Device Security – For user management, secure patient data, full protection against viruses, automatic video repair, and audit trail.

MediCapture DICOM Upgrade Icon


Upgrade to DICOM Made EasyTM functionality with an activation key from our support team. It offers easy setup and seamless connectivity, enabling high-quality images and videos (also 4K resolution). It is scalable to meet the needs of modern hospitals with features like auto-export, simultaneous transfer to two servers and multiple and powerful settings which enable recording on PACS and/or Network.

MediCapture Sharing & Streaming Icon


For Remote Consulting and Education, medical professionals and surgeons can utilize Web-Streaming to enhance collaboration and communication among their team members, boost efficiency, and improve patient care.

  • Built-in streaming in all MVR systems*
  • Video and Audio
  • Authorized Network-based streaming
  • Accessible via any Web Browser (Desktop or Mobile)

* Up to 8 Users

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