MVR Remote App

MVR Remote App Login Screen

Control your MVR Pro* Recorder according to preference, even by your tablet via direct Wi-Fi. MediCapture offers a full functional 8.4” tablet. Or simply download the free MVR Remote App and install it on your personal Android device.

*Note: To control the model MVR Lite, you need to activate the Networking Package and connect MVR Lite to a Wi-Fi router.

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MVR Remote Tablet

MVR Remote Tablet

Pre-Installed and chargeable via USB. When connected via USB cable to an MVR, our tablet can also serve as a second external touchscreen monitor. This is a great benefit for our basic model MVR Lite.

Why use the MediCapture tablet?
It has the perfect size (8.4”) as a remote control and offers additional functions to the free MVR Remote App:

  • Store complete studies or images/videos locally on it
  • Create reports and print directly from it via Wi-Fi